Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring break! The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to work. We began right into our theme on Oviparous Animals. Oviparous describes animals that hatch from eggs. As a whole class, we made a list of oviparous animals, such as bird, crocodile, spider, owl, and butterfly.

During literacy work stations, one of the activities this week was an animal sort. The children had to look at an animal picture and decide whether or not they believed it hatches from an egg. This was a great independent activity that reinforced writing skills and classification skills. It also tested whether or not they were understanding the content material thus far.

CHICK NEWS: Just before spring break, we placed 13 eggs into an incubator in Miss Clare’s classroom. The incubator contained an automatic egg turner. Unfortunately, during spring break, the egg turner broke. The eggs went almost 3 days without turning. This may cause the eggs not to hatch. The expected hatch day is Monday, April 15. The incubator is currently at my house so that I can turn the eggs throughout the day and night. If any chicks hatch, I will bring them in to school on Tuesday, April 16. I am hoping for the best!

PETER PAN PLAY: Thank you to all the families that took the time to attend our class play right before spring break. The children spent almost two weeks preparing for the show. Our unit began by seeing the play of Peter Pan at the Stocker Center in Elyria. This started our creativity in play production. We joined forces with the children in Miss Clare’s class to create a large theater project.

We were able to read the big book of the story Peter Pan. Then we began talking about plot features. We spent several days in writer’s workshop focusing on writing the play. Every child came up with unique plot points. After we had all our ideas on paper, I took the ideas home and came up with 11 main sections of the play. Then the children that wanted to continue writing about Peter Pan wrote down the actual words that the narrators would say.

Next, every child decided which role they wanted in the play. Most of the children were able to have their coveted character. We had six children that wanted the role of Peter Pan. To solve the problem, we decided to host auditions. The children that did not get the role of Peter Pan got their second choice. We had some children that did not want to act in the play. One child decided to be the director, while another was in charge of the concession stand.

This theater project really covered all curriculum areas. It spread into writing as the children used their creativity to develop a script. In math, the children used their knowledge of money to develop costs for concession items. We talked about setting and scenery as we created them in art. The children were also in charge of designing their own costumes. In the end, I really believe that this project highlighted the strengths in every individual child. They all played such an important role in the success of the play!!

I will be out of the classroom on Thursday and Friday (April 18-19). Mrs. Stoll will be my substitute.

The week of April 22nd we will be having Etiquette Week!

All school field trip to the Natural History Museum is Monday, April 29 (there will be NO school that day).

May field trips: the play “ZooZoo” at Playhouse Square, Fisherman’s Folly Farm, and bowling at Bay Lanes.