What an exciting week we had! Our week was full of special activities with having Donuts with Dad and our trip to the play Peter Pan. Throughout the week we were able to continue our school routines while throwing in some fun!

Donuts with Dad was a very exciting event. This year it took place right at drop off so our Dads and special friends were able to see what a morning is like in our classroom. The students demonstrated sign-in, washing hands, and picking a morning activity. All of the students worked on a checklist of sights to see in our classroom. They took their guests around the classroom to see our class pets, read books, do an art project, work in our favorite centers, and explore the classroom. When we finished we all took part in morning meeting until it was time for our Dads to go. Thank you for spending the morning with us!

During math we have begun working on fractions. The students have been practicing with circles that are divided into parts. The parts are shaded. Their job is to figure out what fraction of the circle is shaded. The students have been doing really well with this and have started working with comparing fractions. That led us into a natural transition of learning about deciding if numbers are greater than or less than other numbers.

In Social Studies we have begun a unit on Map Skills. At the beginning of the week we started with a blank town map. We discussed the different buildings and places that are in towns. With this information we were able to make our own towns by filling in the maps. We then learned about directions and the compass rose. The students enjoyed an activity that allowed them to point their bodies in the direction that they were directed. We talked about how in Cleveland, we can use the Lake to determine which direction is North.

Our Field Trip to see Peter Pan was very entertaining. The students were very engaged in this play. They came back to school with an abundant amount of enthusiasm that we will use in our production of Peter Pan that will be next Thursday at 2:00.

Important Dates:

March 28th- Pembroke Kids Production of Peter Pan
March 29th- First Day of Spring Break