Math Workshops: This week we have been doing math review. We have been doing a variety of math stations, ranging from 3D shapes to coin sorting. We began talking about different coin values and money combinations. We are working mostly with pennies and nickels to start. The children are learning to identify coin names and values. We are laying the foundation for more money work that will happen in first grade.

This week, I did a lot of activities prepping for the next set of report cards that will be going out soon. Children were tested on their reading level, as well as the standardized DIBELS test. The DIBELS identifies children who may be at risk in reading development. If your child tested “at risk”, I will be notifying you personally over the next week to talk to you about the test, and how I will be working with your child in the classroom.

Finger painting: In art this week, the children really enjoyed finger painting with blue, red, yellow, and white paints. We painted and talked about color mixing and creating new colors. Many children painted several pictures.

JUST A REMINDER: Thursday is our Peter Pan field trip. Friday is our “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” character dress up day.