This week, we expanded on our fiction writing unit. We began this style of writing by being the main character to our own pretend adventure. Over the course of the unit, we learned how to write a conflict and a solution to our story. We expanded our writing even further by using writing partners. Since this is the first time we have used partners in this way, I allowed students to select their own partners. Their writing partner can help them to sound out words, come up with story ideas, and listen to each others work. The partners have really helped several writers in the classroom.

We wrapped up our unit on outer space and air travel doing several science experiments. One experiment involved a long string, straw, tape and a balloon. We blew up the balloon, and taped it to the straw on the string. We made predictions based on how big the balloon was and how far we thought it would travel on the string.

We also made paper airplanes using a circle paper shape and straw design. The children were given various strips of paper, scissors, tape and straws. They were shown an example of an airplane. As they were recreating the airplane, many of the students tested their planes only to find out that they did not fly. They had to tweak their plane designs until they got it just right! It was wonderful to see the children helping each other and brainstorming designs that would actually fly.

Next week, we will begin our Newspaper and Theater Project! The first two weeks of March will be focused on newspaper writing. We will have a real author visit the class, as well as a local newspaper. The last two weeks, we will be focusing on the play Peter Pan (which we will be seeing at the Stocker Center on March 21st), and writing our own version to perform!