The children have been very eager to learn more about aquatic animals during our month long theme of Aquariums! As part of our current theme, we added 2 pet guppies into our classroom this week. We set up a small tank with live plants and 2 small fish. We spent some time in science this week learning more about the anatomy of a fish. The children were very fascinated with the fish gils and how they work. This week we will be adding snails.

In art, we expanded our understanding of fish scales. We used old cd’s as the body of a fish. We used small square tiles to glue on to the fish body. The children worked on trying to make the scales overlap like they do on a real fish. We added several of these fish to the fish bowl backgrounds we made last week. We also used oil pastels and construction paper to make underwater scenes at the writing table.

In guided reading groups, we practiced following along with the story by pointing to the words as we read. Many students were even able to read passages from their book aloud independently. Next week, we will be introduced to new books as a small group, as well as focusing on rhyming words.

This Friday we have our field trip to the Cleveland Aquarium. On Thursday, each child will be selecting an animal to study on the trip. This will extend into our Nonfiction Writing unit. Children will spend the next few weeks learning about one specific animal of their choice. When we are ready to present our books during a writer’s celebration, we will be inviting families in to the classroom to listen to the finished books!

Please make sure to turn in your field trip permission slip form. If you are able to drive to the trip, let me know as soon as possible.