As we started our first full week of school, we have seen the students get more used to the schedule everyday.  Students are often telling us what is next on the schedule. It is great to see the students going through the routines of the classroom on their own!

This week we learned more information about frogs.  We learned that frogs look different all over the world, and that frogs live everywhere except Antarctica.  The students explored the way ponds change throughout the year.  Specifically they looked at how a pond looks during each of the four seasons.

We have been using literature to extend our knowledge about frogs.  Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel has given us an introduction to the differences between frogs and toads.  After we read these many stories we learned more about the differences between the two animals.  For example, frogs have many predators but toads do not because toads have skin that does not taste good.  We used a  Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences.  Students learned that to compare means to find the similarities and differences between two things.  We also diagrammed the beginning, middle, and end of a Frog and Toad story.    The class listened to the book City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems.  This book tells the story of a dog and frog who become friends.  It is great for showing how the seasons change and introduced the concept of hibernation.  Non-fiction books have been used to look at the life cycle and habitat of the frog.  Students are noting the difference between illustrations and photographed pictures in books.  Listening to the song, “Its Not Easy Being Green”, we were able to brainstorm reasons why some frogs are green.

During our learning center time students take a few moments to record their answer to the question of the day.  This theme features questions about frogs.  Questions range from ones that have a definite answer to ones that are opinion based.  Students enjoy finding their names and answering yes or no to the question.

Up until Monday, our class hamster was nameless.  We are happy to announce that our hamster is now named Roxie.  Roxie joins Gilbert and Rosie as are class pets.  Students all around the school have been finding crickets to give to Gilbert and Rosie–yum!

We added new Literacy Work Stations into the mix, including writing and small group.  In small group we have started our handwriting practice.  Once everyone has started handwriting, small group will change into another activity that will allow the students to work with us.

Please remember to bring in field trip permission slips and money for the Great Lakes Science Center.  The price of the field trip is $9.00.  Let us know if you are available to drive to the field trip and if you would be able to bring additional students in your car.

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the 3 days off!  We will see you on Tuesday!