Wow, winter is almost over and spring is just around the corner. We have had crazy winter weather this year, thankfully we have been able to go outside! Thank you to all of the parents who have donated supplies for our room. This month the children have been working on creating and extending patterns as well as counting the syllables within animal names. We have been working hard in our small groups. We have been exploring sorting geometric shapes, developing fine motor skills, letter sound recognition, and more. The students have enjoyed this special time working with each teacher.

THEMES: This month we are talking about animals. The children have enjoyed making masks, ladybugs, and animal prints. The children have enjoyed learning about characteristics of many different animals. We have gone on scavenger hunts to match baby animals with their moms, extended animal patterns, learned about different habitats, created our own animal mini book, as well as many other learning activities. We were able to borrow another class’s pet to compare with our rats. Using their direct observation skills the children found similarities and differences within each animal. We will take a short break from our animal studies to learn more about our families as well as we eat donuts with our dads, or special friend. Following Donuts with Dad, in preparation for our field trip, we will spend the last two weeks of this month learning about ocean animals.

DRAMATIC PLAY: This week the students have been busy making puppets and putting on puppet shows. The children have found many uses for our puppet curtain, from Irish dancing to dressing up and singing songs. They not only enjoy putting on a show, but also find great delight in watching their friends. The puppet show area has encouraged many of our quieter students to show us their more dramatic side. This area allows the children to use their creativity to formulate stories. Some children have become actors, directors, and overall good listeners.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Remember to mark your calendars because this month we have our all school field trip to the Aquarium on Wednesday March 28th. Please return your your permission slip to Andrea by March 13th. There will be no school that day for preschool and kindergarten. Spring break will be April 6th – 15th.

REMINDERS: Donuts With Dad is on Tuesday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 14th. Morning class will have their event from 11-12 and the afternoon class will be from 2-3. You may come either day.

FINALLY: It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Kramer help in our classroom during small groups. If any parent is interested in helping us please feel free to ask us either during arrival or dismissal. Thank you again!