Dinosaurs have been a HUGE hit in our classroom! We have been measuring, patterning, and counting dinosaurs. Dinosaur math can be so much fun! We were also very busy being creative. We have painted dinosaurs and made footprints, bones, rubbings, and dinosaur eggs. We have learned many interesting facts about dinosaurs. One of our favorite facts is how to tell which ones were herbivores and which were carnivores. The children also enjoyed working together as a class to make a dinosaur habitat. We included water, trees, rocks, sand, vegetation, and a volcano. Then we “exploded” our volcano several times! By popular demand it is back on the lesson plan again this week! The tyrannosaurus seems to be a class favorite! We have begun to work together to create a huge tyrannosaurus from packing paper. The children couldn’t wait to put on LOTS of sharp teeth! If you have a moment, please stop by our classroom and see all the dinosaur creations on display.

We have recently begun individual journaling. The children from last year were eager to begin journaling and the others seem to have “caught ” their enthusiasm. Journal time begins with everyone taking a moment to think about what it is they wish to draw. When they have their idea the children open their journal to the page with the date stamp and sticker on it and begin to draw. Miss Tiffany and I go around to the children and help “write” what they have drawn. This begins to determine a purpose for writing as well as “writing” to express thoughts. Some of the children have started “sound spelling”, spelling the sounds that they hear in the word. It is amazing to see the progress the children make when they realize that they can “write” words!
Next week on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd we will have our first Show and Share. Your child may bring in a toy or an item they wish to show to their friends. Please send in only 1 item. If your child attends both days they may bring in an item each day. Show and Share is an excellent way for children to develop their communication skills.

Please check your child’s extra clothing box to make sure they have an appropriate change of clothes for the colder weather. We go outside everyday, even during the cold weather. Please send your child with hats and gloves when necessary.