BUBBLES, BUBBLES EVERYWHERE! This past week we began a unit on Bubbles. The children have been very enthusiastic about learning more about them and have especially enjoyed the “exploration and discovery” side of bubbles. We’ve been making various bubble solutions with ingredients such as soap, water, sugar, glycerin, corn syrup, and cooking oil. We then tested the different solutions. We’ve also been finding new ways to make bubbles from the solutions other than with bubble wands (such as with our hands, flyswatters, slotted spoons, egg beaters, pipe-cleaners, bubble machines, etc.). Experiments have been a big part of our classroom this week as well. We’ve made “bubble bursting bags”, watched a raisin rise and fall in club soda, and even taste-tested several bubbly drinks. The children have been just ‘bubbling with excitement’ over this theme!
JOURNALS: We’ve recently begun journaling in our classroom. You may have heard your child talking about their very special journal folder at school. These journals are a place for children to consistently have a chance and a space to express their ideas. Journals are a place for each child to convey their thoughts on things that are meaningful to them. They do so through pictures and words. Children are encouraged to take pre-writing steps by first generating ideas and choosing a topic for their journal. Then, they take some time to illustrate these ideas. Finally, the children write about their pictures and share their journals with a teacher.
Journals are an integral part of our classroom curriculum because they offer such a rich context in which each child can work on their own level and grow at their own pace. Some children’s pictures are very abstract and less refined while others’ are very detailed and intricate. Some children choose to use a variety of colors in their drawings, others prefer only one. One child may choose to journal about the same topic several times in a row, while others may be interested in trying to express a new idea each time. Children’s writing in their journals runs the gamut from scribbles and mock letters, to invented spelling of whole words and sentences. When sharing a journal, some children say only a few quick words about their work, while others enjoy explaining their journals in great detail. The best part about journals is there is no wrong way to do them! Each of the children described above is working and learning at their own developmental level. Each is working on important pre-writing, writing, fine motor, and verbal skills. Journals are also the perfect opportunity for the teachers to work with each child individually. The teachers are then able to scaffold each child to the next level of learning. Journals have quickly become a beloved part of our classroom routine this year!
SHOW AND SHARE: This Wednesday-Friday, November 16th-18th, we will have having Show and Share in our classroom. Children are invited to bring one object in each day to show to their classmates during Meeting. This is a great opportunity for children to work on their listening, verbal, and conversation skills. It is also a great way for us to learn a little more about each other and see what we might have in common with one another. We are all looking forward to these exciting Show and Share days!
WINTER IS ON ITS WAY: Please be sure to switch out summer clothes for winter clothes in your child’s “extra clothing” box. You never know when we might need to use them and we want to be sure we have the appropriate clothing for the season. Also, we will be going outside for 30 minutes each day, even as the weather gets colder. Please be sure to send your child in warm coats, mittens, and hats so they are not cold during recess. Thank you!
THANKSGIVING RECESS: We will have no school Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday, November 25th due to Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Holiday!
DONATIONS: Finally, we are always accepting donations of paper towels and napkins. As you can imagine we go through quite a few of these paper products as a result of several snack-times and table-washings each day. Thank you for your contributions!