We have had a wonderful past month learning all about the rainforest. The children really enjoyed exploring various aspects of the rainforest such as the animals, plants, and the ways that the rainforest is beneficial to us. The children were able to confidently discuss the rainforest layers, and animals that lived in each layer. They were fascinated to learn that when it rains there, the rain hits the canopy layer, and the water actually just rolls down the tree trunks to the lower layers. In bock area, we completed the 100 piece rainforest puzzle several times. The puzzle even has a guide that names all the animals in the forest. During dramatic play this week, we used a few boxes to make a small safari jeep. The children can even push each other around in it. The conclusion of our rainforest unit was the introduction of our long term recycling project. We have decorated recycling bins for paper and placed them in certain areas around the school. We will be working the rest of the school year to save trees by recycling paper.

Next week, the children will be having another in our year-long series of writer’s celebrations. Their finished animals reports have now been typed on the computer. Over the next few days, children will be adding their illustrations. We will present our finished work during a writer’s celebration with the preschool classes.

The children really enjoyed our field trip to the Avon School of Music. During the trip, the children learned all about the string instrument family. With demonstrations designed to involve the children, they were able to broaden their understanding of musical instruments. At the end of the demonstration, each child was invited up to the front to play one instrument. They enjoyed testing out the violin, piano, and guitar. Check the poster outside my classroom for information on the Avon School of Music’s concert “Peter and the Wolf.” Also, at Pembroke, we are having music class with Miss Susan Vance again on Thursdays from 3:15-4:00. It is not too late to sign up! They will be having a musical performance at the end of this session for all children who participate.

Last week, we had a very special visitor to the classroom. Sascha’s mother, Shelly, brought in real moon rocks to share with the class. She did a wonderful presentation about the moon, and how the rocks were obtained. She explained the different types of rocks on the moon, and the children were able to pass around the pieces that were secured in a large plastic disk. The children were extremely fascinated by the orange tone rocks that show that long ago, volcanoes were on the moon. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience to hold a piece of the moon!

During the month of February, we will be doing an author study. We will begin by focusing on Dr. Seuss. As part of this unit, we will be making a special trip to the Avon Lake public library. When we learn about Dr. Seuss, his writing will help us to expand our knowledge of rhyming words, alliteration, and phonemic awareness.

I hope that the 100th day projects are going well! I cannot wait to see them on our 100th day! Also, please make sure to read the note that went home about valentine’s day cards. The children are to address their cards to their friends, as well as sign their own name. Please encourage your child to be creative and make cards with fun colors of construction paper and stickers.

WE WILL NOT HAVE SCHOOL ON MONDAY JANUARY 31 or TUESDAY FEBRUARY 1st due to parent teacher conferences. Classes will resume on February 2nd.