Field Trip to the All Pro Fitness Center: Last week, our class had the wonderful opportunity to learn a lot of basketball skills from a professional sports trainer. The children started the field trip by learning about the names of the lines on the basketball court. Before long, they were each given a ball to practice with. As they performed various skills, each student was given the chance to win a prize. Prizes ranged from a LeBron James bobble-head doll, basketball, or a t-shirt. Each child left the trip feeling like a pro!

Donuts with Dad: I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all the dads and friends who were able to come to the classroom to share in our dad’s day festivities. The children really enjoyed sharing part of their world with you!

Launch Pad: Every day, students names are assigned to a color on our “Launch Pad.” Students rotate to a new activity daily. These activities range from guided reading groups, word work, and even math games. Thus, by the end of the week, each child has had the chance to participate in each activity. The stations for the launch pad last for about 15 minutes, in which children stay at their station until guided reading is completed with one group. These daily stations allow more productive time during the morning schedule. Lately, we have been playing various high frequency word games as a launch pad station. We do some writing with sentence building activities. We also play high frequency word bingo. With various games to practice our sight words, and with your continued word work at home, we are seeing a huge difference in the reading fluency of our students. Children are not stumbling over these little words that are almost impossible to sound out. We are seeing such amazing progress every week with our students! Thank you for your continued work on the high frequency words at home!

Plants!! We planted several seeds only two weeks ago. Our flowers, broccoli, lettuce, and basil have all sprouted in the classroom. Our next step will be to transfer these seeds to our raised flowerbed garden beyond the playground out back!

Chicks!!! Our baby chicks are hatching this Tuesday. Please stop into the classroom at pickup time to see our chicks. They will be in a crate located in block area. We will have the babies for a few days before they move onto a life on the farm.

Muffins with Mom: 11:00-11:45 on Wednesday! See you there! Mom, if you cannot make it, try to send a neighbor or grandma in your place. Thank you!