For the past two weeks, we have been learning all about bugs! We read stories about bugs, we went on bug hunts outside, and we had many bug visitors in our classroom. We got to take an up-close look at crickets, meal worms, worms, grubs, and even a tarantula. Not only did we study lots of creepy crawly science topics during these weeks, but our art projects and language arts activities also focused on bugs. Not surprisingly then, our math activities also revolved around bugs!
Throughout these weeks, we focused on two early learning math concepts: patterning and classification. These mathematical areas lent themselves beautifully to the topic of bugs. We spent several days creating patterns with bug stamps and stickers as well as completing patterns with wooden bug pieces. We created patterned caterpillars with beads and with paper strips. We also played a game in which the children had to determine if colorful bugs made a pattern or not. We had a lot of fun patterning bugs!

Next, we moved onto classifying bugs. We sorted wooden bugs by color and then by type. As we learned the difference between a bug and an insect, we did a sort to determine if pictures illustrated insects or not. If the pictures showed bugs that had three body sections, two antennae, and six legs, we knew they were not just bugs, but insects. All-in-all, we had a great time practicing and strengthening our fundamental skills of patterning and classification, while also learning about the very interesting world of bugs!

Looking ahead to our return from Spring Break, we have some exciting weeks planned. Next up: Outer Space!! The first two weeks we are back, we will focus on the planets, stars, rockets, and astronauts. Our unit will come to a close just as we prepare for our second field trip of the year. We will be going to the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center on April 22nd. This will be the perfect opportunity for us to get a closer look at constellations as we star-graze in their fabulous planetarium.

I hope you all enjoy your Spring Break! Thank you as always for your support,
Miss Kelly