POLICE STATION AND FIRE STATION: This past Monday, we took a field trip to the Police and Fire Station. We began our trip at the Police Station where students were able to get a behind the scenes tour. They observed the video surveillance of the property, and even walked into the holding cells. When the children went into the Fire Station, they quickly noted differences. They saw that firefighters must work longer shifts and thus have a living room, kitchen, and beds to sleep in. Being able to get a close look at these two work places, as well as seeing the noticeable differences between the two made this a very valuable and worthwhile field trip.

SCIENCE WEEK! During this past week, we spent time focusing on the reaction of various ingredients to each other. We made predictions about what might happen, and came up with reasons to support our hypothesis. I have chosen a list of science experiments that we have done at school that you can try at home! Here are a few of our favorite experiments. They’re easy to do and have simple ingredients.

Make a Volcano: You will need vinegar, baking soda, red food coloring, tape, and plastic cups. Tape the two cups together with the bottom sides touching. Then pour in baking soda. Let your child add red food coloring. When you are ready, have your child slowly add in the vinegar and watch as it erupts!

Geyser: You will need a 2 liter bottle of diet coke and a package of mentos. (This should be done outside). Open the soda, and quickly dump it the entire package of mentos. Watch as the geyser erupts into the air!

Jumping Raisins: You will need club soda, raisins, and a clear glass. Fill the glass with club soda. Then add the raisins. Watch as the raisins jump up and down in the soda. (I like to set up a glass of water as well, for students to compare the difference.)

Balloons: You will need an empty plastic water bottle, baking soda, vinegar, funnel, and balloon. Use the funnel to put baking soda into the balloon (about three spoonfuls). Then fill the plastic water bottle with 1 cup of vinegar. Put the balloon securely on the top of the water bottle, and let the baking soda fall into the bottle. Watch as the balloon fills with air!

April 22 – Lake Erie Nature and Science Center
April 29 – All Pro Fitness Center

SPRING BREAK: School is closed on April 2 and will reopen on April 12. When we return from break, we will begin our writing unit on poetry. We will also start our thematic unit on Gardening and the Water Cycle.

Have a great Spring Break!