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Before & After School Care at Pembroke

Need Before or After School Care? Our Digital Discovery Center is a safe, creative space that offers fun and age-appropriate enrichment activities for boys and girls in K trough 6th grade.
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Winter School Closing Information

Winter is upon us! Here is what you need to know about local school closing information. Pembroke Kids will close if all Avon Lake District Schools close due to inclement weather.

So, where can you check to see if schools are closed?



WEWS Channel 5 ABC

On the Internet

We will also post closing information on our Facebook Page by 7:00 am

Call the school answering machine. We will change our main greeting by 7:00 am – 440-933-3782

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! Potty training is a developmental milestone, one which a child can easily control. When children are “ready” for potty training it usually happens quickly. Pembroke staff are happy to work with you as part of your “potty training team”! When your child is ready, your Pembroke teachers and you will develop a strategy supporting your child through this very important process.

No. Pembroke is a private school devoted to early childhood education. The owners are educators and on site every day. We are licensed to care for preschool and school age children and have earned a 4-star Step up to Quality rating. Our school is staffed by college educated and licensed teachers. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in Avon Lake. Over 1,000 children have enrolled in our school since 2004.

Pembroke creates a partnership between home, school, and community. Although we believe young children need time at home with family, Pembroke understands the stresses of demanding work schedules and has created ways to meet your scheduling needs. We can provide Before and After Care for your preschool child. Our programming and scheduling can address your child’s needs in our safe and nurturing educational environment. We recognize that each schedule is unique. Please speak to either Cecilia or Andrea to customize a schedule meeting your needs.

Our experienced, highly skilled teachers love teaching your young children. Strong bonds are created between child, teacher and family. Pembroke is a school where parents are welcomed into our warm, family-friendly community. Individualized scheduling, academics, and art enrichment activities and fun weekly themes relate to children’s interests. Your child will love coming to school.

Hobbes is a young Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is a registered therapy dog. he comes to work every day and hangs out in the office. He visits the classes and often plays outside with the school agers in our After School Program. His ancestor, Charlie, posed for the Pembroke Kids logo and was the inspiration for the name of our school.

Pembroke offers a unique program for children who do not meet the birthday cut off date for Kindergarten (born between August 1st and December 31st) but are ready for a formal school experience. Our 2 half-day per week classes meet the developmental needs of older toddlers ready for a formal class experience. We tailor activities/lessons for the older toddler and introduce more developmentally appropriate and challenging activities as the year progresses. The 1:6 teacher student class ratio enables teachers to provide activities tailored to each student’s needs. The following school year the child enters our mixed age classes confidently and enthusiastically with no separation anxieties!

Many families live in Avon Lake, but we have a large number of families from Avon. Every year our roster includes children from Elyria, Lorain, Westlake, North Ridgeville, Bay Village and even Oberlin.

Words and pictures on a website are helpful, but if you really want to find out if Pembroke would be a good fit for your child and family, a visit is critical. We’ve got a beautiful building, friendly staff, and a welcoming atmosphere that needs to be experienced. We would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. Call 440-933-3782 or send us an email at info@pembrokekids.

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