Miss Theresa and Miss Cecilia’s February 2013 Newsletter

This past week we began a unit on Healthy Eating as a response to the children's interest in mixing and making things. Their favorite activities seem to have the common denominator of mixing being involved. They have enjoyed mixing paint, colored water, gel and glitter, glue and shaving cream, oil and water, baking soda and

Miss Theresa and Miss Cecilia’s December Newsletter

The children have really enjoyed our music time with Mr Steve! They have learned many songs, but their favorite song is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Each time we return from “Music With Mr. Steve”, I have had several children who have drawn Goldilocks in their journals. I have also heard them telling the story,

Miss Theresa and Miss Cecilia’s September Newsletter

Our school year is off to a wonderful start! We have been busy creating and following the classroom rules and routines, and learning our friend’s names. The children were very excited to begin signing in before they choose their job. We use a handwriting program called "Handwriting Without Tears". You may have noticed that there

Miss Kelly & Miss Beth’s September Newsletter

Hello Everyone! We are off to a great start this school year. The children are working hard to adjust to the new routines, spaces, and faces. They have begun forming friendships and taking more ownership over the classroom. We are looking forward to a wonderful year! IN OUR CLASSROOM— Recently we have begun a new