Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter; May 9, 2013

ZOO ZOO Play: This Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to attend a performance at Play House Square. The play was a wonderful extension of our theme this week: Music and Movement. The entire play was performed by five actors. They dressed in various animal costumes. The amazing part was that they were able to tell

Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter; April 26, 2013

Etiquette week has been a huge success. We began the week by reading the book: Have You Filled A Bucket Today? The book describes that everyone has an invisible bucket. When their bucket is full, the person feels very good. When their bucket is empty, they feel sad. The book continues to describe that actions

Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter; April 12, 2013

Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring break! The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to work. We began right into our theme on Oviparous Animals. Oviparous describes animals that hatch from eggs. As a whole class, we made a list of oviparous animals, such as bird, crocodile, spider,

Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter; March 14, 2013

Math Workshops: This week we have been doing math review. We have been doing a variety of math stations, ranging from 3D shapes to coin sorting. We began talking about different coin values and money combinations. We are working mostly with pennies and nickels to start. The children are learning to identify coin names and

Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter: March 5, 2013

Math Workshops: We are focusing on shapes this week. In math journals, the children have been given a different shape each day. They must redraw the shape, write the name, and write down different attributes of that shape. For example, when we did the “square,” several children wrote: “it has four sides that are the

Miss Krista’s Kindergarten Newsletter; February 28, 2013

This week, we expanded on our fiction writing unit. We began this style of writing by being the main character to our own pretend adventure. Over the course of the unit, we learned how to write a conflict and a solution to our story. We expanded our writing even further by using writing partners. Since