Miss Theresa and Miss Tiffany’s February Newsletter

We would like to thank you for helping your child with their valentines! We realized it was a lot of valentine’s for some of you to do, but we wanted to ensure no one was left out. With your help, everything went smoothly! Just think of all the one to one correspondence practice

The Artful Classroom

A child becomes totally engrossed, immersed in the process of making a work of art. The sensation of feeling the smooth thick paint sliding onto the easel paper calms the child and brings pleasure in the creation. When the child grapples with the challenge of representing an object or person on the page, she is

Motion and Op-Art in Our Kindergarten Class

Head over to our Digital Discovery Center website and check out Mr. Jeff's latest Kindergarten Art project. Ms. Krista’s Kindergarten class has recently been working on a unit exploring motion. Last Friday, we celebrated the art of Victor Vasarely and one of his contemporaries, Marcel Duchamp. We explored how we could create art that “moved”.

Jackson Pollock inspires Pembroke Kids’ Kindergarten Art Class

Ms. Krista’s Kindergarten class met last Friday to create their own Jackson Pollock inspired work. Using cotton duck canvas, sand, acrylic paint, brushes, sticks, combs, a flyswatter, ice cream scoop, and even a feather, the kids created their own masterpiece! The new painting on canvas is proudly displayed in the hallway outside of the Wiggle