Our Story

Pembroke Kids was founded in 2005 by educator Andrea Caris of Avon Lake. The very first preschool class had 6 students and one teacher. The school was located in a rental space next to the current Avon Lake Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Over the next 2 years enrollment grew steadily and Andrea was soon joined by her husband Steve, also a teacher.

In 2008 the couple planned and built the current facility on Pin Oak Parkway. 2015 marks Pembroke’s 10th year in Avon Lake! That means there is a good chance you know a Pembroke Kid!

At Pembroke there is a real sense of community. Family involvement in the school is encouraged and supported with activities such as literacy night, potluck suppers, and school-wide field trips. Our teachers, parents and students have a special connection to one another. More than 1,000 children have attended Pembroke over the last 10 years.

The faculty and staff guiding the programs at Pembroke are college educated teachers with years of experience and a passion for working with young children. Our commitment to early childhood education is expressed in many ways. We take pride in our lovely environment, the quality of our curriculum, and the welcoming atmosphere that encourages parental involvement.

Pembroke is a safe and nurturing environment of discovery and learning for young children.

And now that you know a little more about us, please consider arranging a tour!

We would love to show you and your child our school!

Pembroke Faculty