This week we have learned about different types of flowers and the parts of the flower. The students have been introduced to different types of flowers such as tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, geraniums, and lilacs. The students have been identifying different types of flowers and describing what makes them unique. They have also learned about what essential things flowers need to grow—water, soil, sun, and space. Additionally they have labeled different parts of the flower.

On Tuesday we were able to go on a Field Trip to Fisherman’s Folly Farm. The students took part in an engaging and interactive experience that allowed them to see some of the jobs that are needed to run a farm. The students were given the opportunity to milk a goat, collect food for goats, feed baby sheep from a bottle, and collect eggs from a hen house.

In Writer’s Workshop we are editing our chosen work for our celebration. The students have been working to check for proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. They have also rewritten their work in their neatest handwriting. The students were introduced to the concept of writing multiple drafts of their writing and editing each draft to make it easier to read.

In math we are working on patterns. This week the students worked on adding to patterns. They predicted what would come in the pattern at a certain point. For example, the students worked with a shape pattern. Each shape was numbered 1-5. The students had to figure out what would come in the 9th position of the pattern. The students continued the pattern and looked to see which shape was in the 9th position. This was a challenging task for the students because they had to use both concrete and abstract thought.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 22nd- Bay Lanes Bowling Field Trip

Wednesday, May 29th- Field Day

Thursday, May 30th- Last Day of School Celebration—2:00

Thursday, May 30th- All-School Picnic and Preschool Graduation- 5-7