ZOO ZOO Play: This Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to attend a performance at Play House Square. The play was a wonderful extension of our theme this week: Music and Movement. The entire play was performed by five actors. They dressed in various animal costumes. The amazing part was that they were able to tell a variety of stories without using any words. They only used sound and movement.

During our theme on music and movement, we have been exploring a variety of music. For one activity, I played different types of music. The children had to identify how the songs made them feel. We have also played musical chairs a few times. Children have been working on being a good sport even when they are out of the game. Although this has been a difficult skill for several children, they were really able to manage their emotions and cheer on their classmates. We have taken this opportunity to explore different types of music from other countries and genres. The children really enjoyed salsa dancing!

Field Day is coming up!!! What is field day? Field day will begin with a picnic lunch outside. I will post a sign up sheet for parents to bring in food items. Then we will spend the afternoon playing a variety of outdoor games, such as relay races, shoe kick, water balloon toss, and three-legged races. I would like for families to share their ideas about their favorite outdoor games. I am also asking for parent volunteers to come and play the games with us. This is a wonderful chance to enjoy some outdoor games with your child.

End of the school year celebration: Plan on attending our end of school year celebration at 2pm on Thursday, May 30. Your child will be singing songs and receiving a special award. See you then!

End of Year Theme: We will be finishing up the school year with Messy Science experiments and the Chemistry of Food!!