We had a very special week this week because we focused on using our manners in different situations that the students find themselves in. We read and role-played about manners at school, on the playground, and at the table. Our culminating project at the end of the week was a fancy luncheon. The students did a fantastic job remembering the manners they had learned. We will continue to mind our manners.

In Math we worked more with greater than and less than. The students have extended their knowledge by doing two-step problems. They have applied their knowledge of addition and subtraction and then took the numbers to decide which number is bigger.

This week we worked with vowel digraphs and practiced discriminating the sounds that certain letter combinations make. This helps the students in identifying sounds during reading.

We also introduced the Dictionary to the students. We looked at a dictionary and observed characteristics of this important reference book. We talked about alphabetical order and will be looking more at the dictionary next week.

Thank you to all the moms who came to our classroom on Tuesday!

Remember that our All School Field Trip is on Monday and that there is no regular school.

Have a great weekend!