This week we were refreshed from Spring Break and ready to learn! We learned about Spring Animals—specifically oviparous animals. We have learned that oviparous animals are animals that hatch from eggs. We have brainstormed animals that are born from eggs and discussed animals that have live births—those animals are called viviparous. Students also learned about the platypus. The platypus is interesting because it is a mammal that lays eggs.

We have been specifically discussing chicks and have learned about their life cycle. The students have worked with various types of sequencing activities to increase their exposure to the chicken’s life cycle.

We also have started an author study of Laura Numeroff. We are modeling our work off of her stories. Before we started writing we made a web of the characteristics of her writing. We took this list and used it to guide our own writing. The students have focused on the use of cause and effect in her stories. They also noticed that many of her books have animals and food.

In math we have been working with numbers to create different pathways to creating a number. We pick a number and try to think of all of the equations that are equal to that number. The students were able to use addition, subtraction, and multiplication to do this. The students had fun thinking of different ways to show a number.

Each week I try to have a different aspect of the writing process to focus on. This has included parts of speech and punctuation. This week we learned about capitalization. Specifically we discussed capitalizing names, days of the week, and months.

Have a great weekend!