Math Workshops: We are focusing on shapes this week. In math journals, the children have been given a different shape each day. They must redraw the shape, write the name, and write down different attributes of that shape. For example, when we did the “square,” several children wrote: “it has four sides that are the same length.” On Wednesday, we had Art Math. The children used tape to create shapes on a large sheet of paper. Then they used tempera paint to cover their page. After they completed their project, we removed the tape. Check out their beautiful shape designs hanging in the kindergarten room!

Literacy Work Stations: This week, the students were divided into 5 different stations. They went to a different station each day. In small groups, the children were working on a beginning consonant sounds word sorts. They were given a variety of pictures that began with 4 different sounds. At ABC/Word work, the children learned a new game called “The Sound Bus.” In this game, the children are working on identifying sounds that are in the beginning, middle, and end of the word. At the writing station, the students have been drawing pictures to hide their sight words in their drawing. In the dry erase work station, children are building CVC word puzzles. Children were also working at the sketch book learning station.

Special visitor for The Press: The managing editor of the local newspaper came to visit Pembroke on Thursday morning. He spent almost an hour with the children. He spoke about the various writers at the newspaper, the editing process, and how they put the newspaper together. He even spent a great deal of time reviewing the articles that the children wrote in writer’s workshop. He did a great job encouraging the children to continue reading and writing.