This week we were able to work together to learn more about the solar system, and space travel. We were lucky enough to have a representative from NASA come to speak with us about the preparation astronauts go through before they go into space. He also walked us through what life is like for astronauts when they are in space. There was real space equipment that the students got to explore—they even got the opportunity to put on an actual space suit.

During our Language Arts instruction we have began to discuss what adjectives are in our sentences. The students worked with describing different nouns. We are going to work on identifying the nouns in sentences.

In Math, we have recently started using math journals. Each student has a math journal that they have various math problems in. Each day they work on one to two individualized pages. This enables the students to look back through their journal to see what they have worked on.

During our Math Workshop we have also been working with measurement. The students have been continuing to work with non-standard units of measurement, and have moved on to beginning use with rulers. We have worked to continue increasing our knowledge of money and time. Also, the students are still being challenged in increasing their addition and subtraction skills.

We also were able to look at the phases of the moon this week, We spoke about how the moon is always in the sky, but since the moon orbits around the earth, and the earth orbits around the sun, at different times of the month the sun shines varying amounts of light on the moon. This makes it so the moon appears to be different shapes. The students made models of the moon phases out of Oreos. They are displayed in the hallway and highlight what the New Moon, Crescent Moon, Half Moon, and Full Moon look like.

Our reading celebration movie night was also this past week. Thank you to all the families and students who came to get cozy and enjoy watching the movie with us!

Have a great weekend!