We started off the week with an exciting trip to the planetarium! The students were able to see different constellations and learned about how the further you are from the city you are the clearer the stars are in the sky. The students experienced the room getting darker and more stars appearing in the sky. When we got back to school each student created their own constellation. The students created the shape and named their constellations. Then the constellations got hung in the hallway on the mural we are making with Miss Krista’s class. The mural has a collection of objects found in outer space. Our class created the four planets closest to the sun.

During Writer’s Workshop we started our fiction unit. The students learned about story elements that are found in fiction pieces. We brainstormed who the characters are, where the setting is, and what the problem and solution are. The students are realizing that they need to have these elements in their fiction pieces.

Math Workshop is now focused on measurement. We have been practicing using non standard units of measurement. We have explored measurement by using cubes, tiles, and paper clips. We will soon look at how to use a ruler.

During whole group language arts instruction we have continued to work punctuation, nouns, and verbs. Next week we will learn to start identifying adjectives and acknowledging they are describing words. We will use adjectives to describe the things that are found in space.

Next week we will continue to learn about the solar system by discussing the moon. We will focus on the phases of the moon, what the moon looks like, and discuss space travel to the moon.