What a great week we have had together! This work we worked on building our classroom community. We have started some new routines and have started a new daily schedule. The students brainstormed new classroom jobs and rules. We discussed that we need to take care of our classroom and take pride in the way it looks.

We also discussed that an important part of keeping our classroom community safe is respecting the people in our classroom. The students brainstormed ways they can be considerate to others. We also talked about ways in which we can control our behavior.

In Writer’s Workshop we had a Writer’s Celebration. This was our chance to share our published work with our classmates, the other Kindergartners, and our audience. The students worked on editing their work until they felt it was ready to be shared. We celebrated how the students are developing as writers. We then started a new unit that focuses on Writing for Readers. During our writing we are working on remembering our readers in our writing and trying to make our work easier to understand by our readers.

In Math Workshop we have been working with number lines all week. During the workshop one of the choices was working on a classroom number line out of unifix cubes. The students collaborated to put cubes together in sticks of ten. They then worked together to combine the sticks and label them in order. The result is a very long number line—so long we are not sure where to put it! Right now we are up to 120! Other students chose to work on a number line together where they labeled the numbers on a poster board from 1-20. They then used stickers to represent the numbers. For example, the 1 on the number line has one sticker and the 14 on the number line has 14 stickers. We now have two different visual representations of a number line.

In Science we have continued to learn about penguins. We took the information we have learned from non-fiction books about penguins and made a list of what we could do if we were penguins. We also compared and contrasted the differences between penguins and other birds. We also froze blocks of ice and made our own penguin habitat in the sensory table.

Thank you for welcoming me into your child’s classroom. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!