What an exciting week we have had! We not only had a school election, but we also started a new theme and had a speaker come to our classroom to teach us about how animals get ready for the winter. As usual we were still very busy completing our classroom routines and daily schedule.

On Tuesday, as the nation was heading to the polls, Pembroke Kids also had an election. Each class came down to the Wiggle Room and cast a ballot for one of the candidates for President. The process had an authentic voting experience complete with a voting booth—to practice our right to privacy. Our school election results had President Obama winning.

The excitement did not stop on Wednesday! We had a naturalist from the Lorain County Metroparks give a presentation on how animals get ready for winter. She brought animal pelts, pictures, and live animals to demonstrate. We learned that some animals change colors in winter in order to camouflage to their environments.

We also started our Author Study on Eric Carle. The students have been looking at the art work of Eric Carle. We are also reading his books and creating projects based on his books. This week we read The Tiny Seed, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?, and A House for Hermit Crab. The students also have been learning biographical information about Eric Carle.

Counting and comparing numbers is still the focus of Math Workshop, but next week we will start working with patterns. In Writer’s Workshop we are working on expanding our stories so they are telling more detailed stories. We have been practicing this by thinking about how we feel about the small moments we are writing about and including those thoughts in our writing.