What an important week for our students. Pembroke kids were able to make history by choosing the next president! 54 to 32 Barack Obama won the election at Pembroke. The students felt like grown ups going up to the polling booth and casting their votes. After the election we returned to the classroom to calculate the difference in the results. We found that President Obama won by 22 votes. The students were so proud on Wednesday to find that their results were true, they felt like they made a difference.

This week in social studies the students finished learning about the national symbols. The students read a story about the bald eagle and how it was chosen over a turkey to become our national symbol. We learned that the bald eagle stands for peace, strength, and courage. The students also learned that the bald eagle is an endangered species and how the U.S took a stand to help them.

To further expand their knowledge of animals that live in Ohio a member of the French Creek Nature Center came to visit. She discussed with the students animals who migrate and animals who hibernate. We also learned about animals who stick around for winter. Amy taught the students about how each animal prepares for winter in Ohio. The students were able to feel pelts from skunks, deer, beaver, coyote, and a snake skin. Through seeing live animals such as a toad, snake, and box turtle, the students were able to learn about cold blooded animals and how the cold tempetures affect them. Lastly, Amy compared with the students how we prepare for winter to how animals prepare.

In order to better meet the needs of the students, next week the students will begin to complete morning work folders when they arrive in the morning. These folders will contain unfinished work, building skills, or expanding skills. I hope to see everyone’s smiling faces on Monday morning at 8:45 ready to work.

Looking ahead:
• Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday November 20
o check our board to sign up to bring a dish!
o This is a potluck do not pack a lunch for your child

• Thanksgiving Break Nov 21st -Nov 24th