This week has been all about health. We talked about taking care of our teeth, our pets, and ourselves. We learned that doctors help us.

We learned that dentists take care of our teeth. In order to have a better understanding of our teeth, we learned the names and functions of the three different kinds of teeth-molars (for crunching), canines (for tearing), and incisors (for biting). Our discussion on dental health reminded us to brush our teeth at least twice a day, floss our teeth, and go to the dentist office to get a cleaning and checkup.

Veterinarians were our next healthcare jobs to study. The students already knew that veterinarians take care of animals like doctors take care of people. We wanted to see what other similarities and differences veterinarians and doctors have. In order to do this we made a Venn diagram comparing the to careers. The students than illustrated either a human going to the doctor or an animal going to the veterinarian on a post-it note. They placed the post-it on the side of the diagram that matched their picture,

The students were enthusiastic to learn about a trip to the doctor’s office. The students were able to give many first hand accounts of what the doctor is like. We looked at pictures of items that are found at the doctor and discussed their uses.

Editing our Writer’s Workshop pieces were our focus this were. Every student chose one piece of writing to edit and get ready for publishing. On Thursday we had a Writer’s Celebration. We presented our work to our class and the Kindergarten and 1st grade class. We were able to read and listen to the Kindergarten and First grade authors of Pembroke!

In Math Workshop we continued working with different variations of Roll and Record. The students also worked on another math practice game using a ten frame, counters, and number cards. They would first pick a number card, read the number and cover the ten frame with the corresponding number of counters. They focused on filling the first row of the ten frame before moving on to thr next row.

Next week we will look at chefs, firefighters, and police men and women. A visit from the fire department and police will happen on Friday. I sent home a note on Tuesday asking for parent  volunteers to come into our classroom to give a brief presentation of their jobs. If you want to come in
please send me an e-mail!

Enjoy the long weekend!