What a week it has been!

This week we split social studies between the topics of China and Community Helpers. We created a Venn Diagram to depict the similarities and differences between China and the United States. One fun fact we learned is that in China they celebrate a Ghost festival much like how we celebrate Halloween. As an extension of the shared tradition, students used the       i -Pad to research why we celebrate Halloween. We discovered that both countries celebrate the spirits during these holidays. Our next step was to brainstorm the types of  jobs found  in China. After completing our list, three  students completed internet research to find actual  job offerings  found in China. We then compared those jobs with jobs in the United States. Many of the jobs are very similar to those found in the United States.  A unique position in China is grasshopper seller.

Throughout the week the 1st graders have been busy working on books about the different geometric shapes. In their books they describe, list, and draw where you can find the shapes outside of the classroom in everyday life. We will learn each shape and  how many sides each shape has. They are also learning about how the geometric shapes fit together to create other geometric shapes. Did you know if you put a triangle, a rhombus, and a trapezoid together they will make a hexagon?

We are all very excited to have our very first writers celebration on Thursday. We have been working very hard on our stories during writers workshop. This week the students  edited and  added a title page to their work. They were able to read their finished stories to Miss Clare’s class. I am very proud of how hard everyone  worked on their stories! We can’t wait to see  what they write next.

Looking ahead:

  • On Thursday October 18th we will join Miss Clare’s class to learn about  a Radiologist’s and an X-ray technician’s job.
  • On Friday October 19th we will have a Police officer with his cruiser and a Firefighter visit the class to explain their jobs. Shhh, we may have fun hands-on equipment for the children to explore!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!