This week we were able to learn more about apples! We learned about apple trees, Johnny Appleseed, and why apples are healthy.

We had a discussion about why it is important to eat healthy foods like apples. We read Dinosaurs Alive and Well! By Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown. This book told us information about keeping our bodies healthy. For example, we learned that apples are a source of fiber that keeps our digestive systems healthy.

We were lucky enough to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday on Wednesday. Besides learning some facts about Johnny Appleseed, we ate apples and sang in celebration. The students learned that Johnny Appleseed’s real name was Jonathan Chapman. He traveled west to plant apple trees. The places he went included Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. He loved animals and nature.

We also practiced our AB, ABC, and AAB patterns using our apples in our Weekly Reader. By using different colored apples we were able to complete apple patterns. We are working on extending patterns and completing more complex patterns.

In Math Workshop we have been working on our Counting Books. We introduced the counting books by reading Cardinal Numbers: An Ohio Counting Book by Marcia Schonberg. This book described something about Ohio on each page. Whatever was being described would be illustrated on the page with the corresponding number. We then broke out and began our own individual books. Every student has his own book, and so far we have gotten to the number 6. We are working using the same model that was shown in the Ohio Counting Book. Each page has a stick of cubes. The students color in how many cubes correspond with the number on the page. Next, they draw a picture to go with the number on the page.

During Writer’s Workshop we are beginning to make booklets. In the past we learned we are able to continue telling the same story by stapling two pieces of paper together. Now, students are filling in the pages of books to tell a story. The booklets look like the books they read in class and at home—this makes them feel more like real authors!

Next week we will wrap up our study of apples by studying the different varieties of apples around the world and, specifically, the United States. We also have our all school field trip to Burnham Orchard on Tuesday. We will meet at Burnham Orchard and will explore the apple orchard!

After apples we are going to begin a theme on Community Helpers. I am going to be sending information home for you if you would like to volunteer to tell the class about your job. On October 19th we will have representatives from the Fire Department and Police Department come visit our classroom.

Have a great weekend!