Wow- so much has happened in the first few weeks of school. The children are settling into their morning routine, which consists of putting their bags in the cubbies, washing their hands and using the restroom. The children are starting to do most of these on their own without parent assistance. We love it when we see the children begin to take ownership.

During the first few weeks of school we learned about the students and their families. We looked at their All About Me books, which were used also as comfort items for the first few classes. The children were so happy and eager to share their books with the teachers and their peers. We still read a majority of them daily.

We also talked a few weeks ago about healthy eating and the foods that give us energy and help us grow. We feel it is important for children to learn early why it is important to eat healthy. We looked at variety of fruits and vegetables. We talked about where some of these foods can be found growing (ex. apples grow on trees, grapes grow on vines, carrots grow under the ground). We sorted healthy foods from dessert treats. We used fruits and vegetables to paint pictures. We also dissected a watermelon and scooped the fruit and explored the watermelon layers.

We are currently focusing on farms and the animals that live there. We have sung some fun animal songs like “B-I-N-G-O”, “I Know a Chicken” and “I Love the Farm”. The children have used their wonderful acting abilities to pretend to be their favorite animal. We walked on our hands and knees and pretended to be pigs. We have flapped our wings  like chickens and neighed like horses. The children are very creative.

We are practicing and learning our shapes and colors. We have played a matching colors and matching shapes. We took a survey in class to see what are our favorite shapes. Check the by door to see what your child answered. We will be shifting our focus this coming month to work on large motor development such as galloping, skipping and running. The children will also be walking on a balance beam, throwing, catching and kicking a ball. We will also be sorting similar objects. They can sort by one characteristic- just color or by just shape. We will then encourage them children to sort them another way.

Next month we will be talking  about fall. We will focus on apples and pumpkins, a healthy fruit and vegetable. We are looking forward to our field trip at Burnham Orchard  on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. We will go outside in pretty much any weather. Layers are always encouraged. It may be a little warmer in the classroom than it is outside so if they wear short-sleeves inside we can put a sweater or jacket on for outside. Also if it is a rainy day, make sure they have a coat with a hood or a hat and rain boots. With the cold weather upon us, check your child’s clothes box. If you need to take it to switch out to warmer clothes, please let us know.

Looking forward these are important dates :

October 2- Burnham Orchards- All school field trip to Burnham Orchards. We will meet there by 10am.

October 12- NO SCHOOL- Honoring Columbus Day

October 26- Halloween  Trick-or-Treat and Desert Pot Luck at Pembroke Kids from 5-7pm. Children and adults are encouraged to dress up and bring a dessert to share. All family members are welcome to come!

October 31- Halloween: Children may dress in black and orange (or Halloween t-shirts). NO COSTUMES please. We will have a party in the class that day only. If you would like to volunteer to help, please see either Miss Tiffany or Miss Elena.