Our Pre-K Class is continuing to do a wonderful job following our routine and carrying out their responsibilities. After recess, the children begin our class by signing in and joining each other on the carpet for meeting. We use our “green go circle” to take turns sharing news each day. The students truly enjoy telling their news and listening to the exciting events in their friends lives! Not only are they building their relationships, they are also practicing their oral communication and listening skills.

The children’s favorite part of the day is our literacy stations! Each day they are eager to check the chart and work at their station. Now that they are able to work independently, I am able to work with a small group on specific skills during that time. We are beginning by playing games such as ABC Bingo, a game that helps children identify letters. By tracing the letters, rather than use bingo markers, they are also practicing proper letter formation.

During writer’s workshop, we have been discussing sequencing. Students were able to put up to six sentences describing our school day in the correct order. After reading a storybook, children worked as a group to decide what happened in the beginning, middle, and end. Students also took the time to complete a journal page describing what they think they will see on our school field trip to the farm. This helps children develop pre-writing skills, such as making picture-text connections. As we move forward, we will discuss main ideas and how to choose a topic to write/journal about!

Math workshop games have focused on sorting and classifying different objects. We sorted different manipulatives, as well as each other! Each child offered suggestions on how we could sort ourselves. Ideas ranged from eye color, to hair color, to gender, to the letters in our names! At home, you can help your child practice sorting in many ways. Have him or her put away silverware, make laundry piles based on type of clothing or who wears each item, or help put away the groceries! Now that we are mastering sorting, we will begin to introduce patterning games. Patterns are all around us and are the stepping stones to sequencing as well as one-to-one correspondence.

A few important reminders: School pictures are this week – bring your best smiles! Our all school field trip to Burnham Orchards is Tuesday, October 2nd. All families are welcome to attend, even if it is not your regular school day! Please remember to turn in your field trip slips and payment by Friday, September 28th. This is a wonderful and active field trip for our students. We hope to see you there!