Thanks to all of our parent volunteers, our first field trip to the Great Lakes Science Center was a success. The students had a wonderful time and came back to school filled with new ideas and knowledge!

After seeing the bubble demonstration at the Science Center the students asked if we could add bubbles to the sensory table and create our own experiment. We first tried to make bubbles using dawn and water, to our dismay this did not work. The students came up with their hypotheses about what we needed to fix. We decided to search for a bubble solution on the internet and found many different recipes.  We picked four from the list to test. The students split into groups of three and followed the recipes, some containing dawn and corn syrup and some even containing sugar. This was an incredible learning experience for both the kindergarten and first graders. The students had to read the directions in order to measure the correct amount. We learned how to measure using teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups.  The students also learned how to read fractions. After the solutions were made we then moved into the testing phase. The students had to test each solution and give their opinion. After testing, we  voted on the best solution to use.  Each group said that their solution worked the best. So, the students decided to combine all of the solutions together in order to create a new solution. We have been collecting household objects to add to our sensory table.   Please feel free to send  in any unusual objects you may have  for blowing bubbles.

In honor of the first day of fall, on September 22nd, for Writers Workshop we went out to visit our outdoor classroom. The students made observations of the changes that are happening. They collected pieces of nature to document what they have seen. We will be creating a book about the seasonal changes.

Looking ahead:
• All School Field trip October 2nd at Burnham Orchard

Lastly, on Wednesdays we have Library where the children are able to browse the books in our collection and choose one to take home for the week.  Please make sure your child brings their library book back to school on Wednesday morning.

Have a great weekend!