Wow,  we are already in the middle of September! The students have been anticipating  our first field trip this Friday. I would like to thank all the parents who drove to the Great Lakes Science Center field trip.

The class has been working hard in science to complete their frog and toad books. This week we learned about a frog, called the Gastric-Brooding frog, which has been extinct since 1985. The time span from 1985 to 2012 seemed like a very, very long time!  We calculated how many years actually transpired. Then, we compared  the frog extinction amount to the amount of time elapsed from when the dinosaurs became extinct. The students were amazed at the difference. Many of the students also thought to figure out  that their parents were alive when the frog became extinct. We  read that scientists are still investigating exactly why the frog became extinct. The students were fascinated by this and wanted to give their own predictions.

The past two weeks we have been reading the “Frog and Toad” series. The children were truly enjoying the series and  decided to write their own Frog and Toad story. Each day we have been working together to write a new Frog and Toad story. The students first had to decide who the story was going to be about. Secondly, we decided where the story was going to take place. Thirdly, the students decided what the characters were going to do in the story. And finally, because every story needs to have a problem, the students came up with a situation and a solution. The students have brainstormed many great ideas and are anxious to begin writing the pages to our story.

Looking ahead; Beginning September 21st, every third Friday of the month the teachers at Pembroke Kids will partake in a staff meeting. In the past,  Friday  has been an early release day for the students. This will not longer be the case. Instead the Kindergarten and First grade classes will combine. Miss Clare and I have set up centers for the students to go to. The students will then be released at 3:00 following a normal schedule. As always if you have any questions please email me.

Have a great weekend!