Thank you to all of our parents who came in for a conference. It was very nice to meet with you and discuss how well your children are doing! We are looking forward to the second half of the school year as we introduce more challenging activates for each of our children. Many children will begin writing both their first and last name at sign-in while others will be focusing on using correct capitalization. Also, our pre-kindergarten friends are learning how to write on a “writing road” and are also learning how to identify upper and lower case letters. In our manipulatives area we are working on identifying and ordering both the alphabet (upper and lower case) and also the numerals from 1-20.

Our construction theme has been a huge success! The children have been very busy using their imaginations to build various structures. Our class train was built by multiple students using recycled materials from home. The collaboration was amazing to watch. We had several students working on the engine while others were brainstorming great uses for household items to use on the caboose.

Many of our preschool friends have been practicing their shapes by designing a house. We pointed out that the door is a rectangle while some windows are square shaped and others are circles. The children had a great time utilizing their fine motor skills by cutting out bricks and shingles to add to our “class house.” We even made the entire house while sitting on the floor instead of at the table! What fun!

Our theme for next week will be pizza. We are looking forward to making and reading “menus,” creating recipes for our favorite pizza and of course cooking our own individual pizzas in class! We will practice our one to one correspondence as we count pepperonis, and will figure out how many slices of pizza we need in order to feed our entire class. We will explore how two separate halves of the pizza are combined to form one whole pizza. Naturally, we will have heart shaped pizzas on Tuesday, February 14th.

Next week is Valentine’s Day! Please look outside our classroom door for a signup sheet if you would like to donate items for our classroom! Many thanks to those of you who have already donated! Please feel free to continue to bring in items such as valentine cards and stickers as often as you would like—our kids LOVE using them in the writing center and we want to encourage them to write as often as possible!