Hello Kindergarten Families! Thank you to all the families who drove to the playhouse field trip. Please remember to turn in the $5 for the tickets if you have not done so already. Also, I would like to say thank you to the families dropping off at the door in the morning.

VALENTINE’S DAY: As this holiday is fast approaching, I would like each of our students to begin preparing for this by MAKING THEIR OWN VALENTINES for each child in the class. This will amount to 13 total valentines. This is a great opportunity for children to show others how much they care. Valentine cards do not need to be complicated, just original. On each valentine, your child needs to write the name of the child receiving it, as well as whom it is from. I will be sending home a class list in mailboxes.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: Last week, we began broadening our writing topics. We have been talking about various emotions and how they can help us write more detailed and meaningful stories. Students were able to write more detailed stories by tapping into their emotions. Next, we began our first unit of nonfiction writing. We began this by writing “How To” stories. “How To” stories are used to teach someone. The children are working on filling in approximately three steps with directions on something they know how to do. For example, some stories have included: “How to make a building,” “How to ride your bike,” “How to pet a hedgehog,” and “How to feed a snake.” We will continue working on these stories for the next week. Then we will move into more complex nonfiction writing when we research specific animals.

SCIENCE EXPLORATION: Based on student interest, they have designed our science table for building spinning tops. The children have been using connecting cubes to create a variety of tops. We have been testing out different designs and sizes to see which tops spin the longest. Next week, we will be introducing legos. The children will be challenged to build spinning tops using legos.

ART: This week in art, we talked about small, medium, and large circles. Children had to trace various circles to create a snowman on blue paper. Then they used small sponges to paint their snowman white. Next, they used a variety of textured objects to decorate their snowman. The project lasted for several days. At this age, it is developmentally appropriate for children to complete a project that lasts for several days. Most of the time, children do this naturally. For example, they may start building a lego boat on Monday and continue working on it to finally finish it on Thursday.

Lastly, please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather. Please send winter coats, hats, and gloves daily. Thank you!