It’s been a ROARING good time in our classroom this past week! Dinosaurs are all around us and we have been discovering and uncovering incredible facts about many different types of dinosaurs and their habitats! We made a volcano using clay, vinegar, baking soda, and an empty water bottle. We it successfully erupted our volcano several times, much to the delight of our young paleontologists! You can try this fun activity at home by combining baking soda and vinegar in a water bottle. Remember to have something to catch your “lava” eruption.

Looking forward, we will be studying bears and their habitats. What do polar bears and other types of bears eat? Why do they eat so much? Why do bears hibernate, and what is hibernation anyway! We will conclude our bear study with an invitation to our special bear from home for a teddy bear picnic in our bear cave.

Using dinosaur and teddy bear themes as our springboard, we will be focusing on identifying individual letter names along with upper and lower case letter recognition. We will play rhyming games and create word families. Additionally we will introduce syllables by clapping classmate names as well as favorite dinosaur names to determine how many syllables there are in familiar words.

For the remainder of January we will also be focusing on identifying numerals and creating sets by using manipulatives. Doing this will help us to practice and build skills for one-to-one correspondence.