It has been an exciting first full week of kindergarten. We started the school year by studying the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” Most of the children are very familiar with this story. We used this popular story to play several alphabet games while working on letter recognition. Many of us participated in creating a large coconut tree in the dramatic play area. We cut and glued felt to the tree trunk. This allowed us to attach felt letters to the tree when we finished. Then we painted large leaves green by mixing yellow and blue paint together. Finally, the students decided that we needed coconuts. They chose to use various shades of brown paper to crumple into a ball and stick to the tree trunk. I was very impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm during this long term art project.

During this upcoming week, we will continue to focus on “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” while also learning our rules and routines. These first few weeks of school sets a basic framework for the rest of the year. The children have helped to develop our classroom rules as well as the classroom jobs. As the children arrive in the morning, they sign in by writing their name and selecting a classroom job. This gives them a purpose for writing their name. Do not worry if your child does not get their coveted job every day. The children pick new jobs every day. This gives them a chance to try out all different jobs. At this point in the school year, the students are still learning the classroom rules. When a situation arises and a child breaks a rule, I take that opportunity to take that child to the posted rules and gently remind them. Our rules in the classroom are: listening ears, walking feet, raise your hand, keep your body to yourself, and use medium voices. As needed, we will add and change our rules.

The children have enjoyed getting to know our variety of classroom pets. We have an albino leopard gecko named Gilbert, a rosehair tarantula named Rosie, and a firebelly newt that the children named Kati Jumper. We enjoy taking the animals out of their cages to hold them. The children also play an active role in feeding them and taking care of their individual habitats. This week we will be introducing Chi Chi the guinea pig to the classroom.

Next week we will begin learning about Farms! We will be taking a field trip to an organic farm in a few weeks. More information to come soon!