The end of the school year is quickly approaching. Although summer is very near, we have a lot of exciting things still in store for our kindergartners. We finished learning about chicks and eggs last week. We had an exciting unit learning about oviparous animals. We even had 5 chicks hatch in the classroom. We named the chicks: Shelly (she had a piece of shell on her back for almost a day), Tricky (who figured out how to escape from his cage several times), Spot (he was covered with black spots), Krusty Krab (since he looked sort of wiry), and Lucky (whom we helped out of her shell after trying to hatch for over 24 hours). Due to allergies, the chicks made an early adventure out of our classroom. The chicks are growing quickly at Sascha’s house. Within the next few days, they will make their journey to an organic farm to live out long and happy lives. Overall, the children truly benefited from this lesson on life. They were a large part of the whole process. They took care of the eggs in the incubator, documented the changes, saw one chick hatch from it’s shell, and cared for them for several days in the classroom.

AHOY MATEY!!! We have moved into our thematic unit on pirates! We decided to end the school year with a rather upbeat and exciting unit. We have built a pirate ship, and play pirate dress up at school. The children have been reading books about pirate puppies and even pirate chickens. We will be conducting a scavenger hunt later in the week. WE WILL ALSO BE HAVING PIRATE DRESS UP DAY THIS FRIDAY. We have eye patches in the classroom. Please use materials around the house to be creative and develop your own pirate outfit. It can even be as simple as a bandanna tied on your child’s head. (If you don’t have anything, don’t fret. We have plenty they can wear in the classroom.)

In conjunction with our pirate unit, we have begun writing fiction stories. The children are learning how to write a pretend story and adding story details. Some students are writing a pretend story about themselves, while others are writing various stories about pirates. Thus far, the stories have been very creative, and the children are very interested in writing. Each child will have to chance to publish one last fiction story for our last writer’s celebration before summer vacation.

TIME CAPSULES!!! I am putting together time capsules for each child. The time capsules are meant to be open when your child turns 18. The capsule will contain a letter from me, child picture, class photo, child interview, height string, waist size string, and hand print. I would also like to include a letter from the families. You can include a letter from several members of your family if you wish. Please turn the letters into me by May 27th, and I will make sure to include it in the time capsule.

MO WILLEMS!! Several weeks ago, we did an author study about Mo Willems. He wrote the books, “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” and the Elephant and Piggie series. We also wrote him letters during our unit. This week, we received a personalized response from Mo Willems! The letters from him are laminated and hanging on the dry erase board outside of the classroom. He also sent us some activities to try at home. I copied those pages and I am sending them home in the students book bags this week.

End of the year notes:
**Field day will be on Tuesday, May 31st.
**Last day of school is Thursday, June 2nd. Families are invited to the kindergarten celebration on Thursday at 1:30.
**All school picnic is on Friday, June 3rd at Weiss Park from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
**This is the last week of homework. I will be sending home summer academic enrichment packages the last week of school.