THANK YOU: Thanks to all of the Dads and Special Guests who came to our “Donuts with Dad” celebrations.  It was a huge success and the children absolutely loved sharing their school day with their loved ones!  We will be having similar celebrations in May with our Moms (or Special Guests).  Please join us for “Muffins with Mom” on Wednesday May 4th and Thursday May 5th from 11:00am-11:45 and 2:00pm-2:45.  We look forward to seeing you all there!
MORE IMPORTANT DATES: We will be having our second field trip of the year this Tuesday!  (There is no school this day.) We will be exploring the beautiful Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  Please return your field trip forms to the office and join us at the Gardens Tuesday, April 19th from 10:00am-2:00pm.  Our class will begin the tour inside the Costa Rica section of the glass house.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Also, our school’s Spring Break begins this Friday, April 22nd.  There is no school on Friday and our break will continue throughout the entire following week.  School resumes on Monday, May 2nd.
OUR SPRING THEME:  In preparation for our upcoming field trip and in response to the child’s fascination with the change of the season, the past few weeks we have been learning about Spring!  We’ve been focusing on signs of Spring, gardening and flowers, hatching eggs and baby animals, and Spring weather.  We’ve made many types of flower art by using a variety of materials: plastic water bottles, Styrofoam cups, and over-sized coffee filters.  We’ve been exploring seeds: planting two types of flowers, growing grass heads, and testing bean seed growth by removing different variables (i.e. sun, dirt, water, air).  We’ve even gone on several hikes finding various signs of Spring: leaf buds on trees, puddles, birds chirping, deer footprints, and animals eating from our bird feeders.  We are having so much fun learning about Spring!
MO MAIL:  We have some exciting news!  Last month our class completed a week’s study on children’s author Mo Willems.  We had a blast reading his Elephant and Piggie books, learning to draw his Pigeon, and even writing a letter to this extraordinary author.  The letter was sent to Mo and our classroom received very special mail in return last week!  Mo Willems wrote back to us!!!  He sent us a letter answering some of our questions, a hand-written postcard thanking us for our letter and pigeon artwork, and even a poster of his upcoming publication with a hand-written message: “Miss Kelly’s class Rocks!”  It is truly exciting and inspiring to the children to have received these items from our class’s favorite author!!  Stop by our classroom and check out the letter, postcard, and poster!
UP NEXT:  When we return from Break, we will begin a Bug Theme!  Enjoy your Spring Break!