Over the past few weeks the children have been learning about Polar animals. They were very curious about the places these animals live and about the snow and ice. This led into us into our unit on winter. The children have been measuring the outside temperature, painting real snow with eyedroppers and watercolor paints, and of course, playing in it! We even got a chance to go sledding! Please, send labeled snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, and warm coats daily. If the wind chill is above 20 degrees, we go outside to explore and enjoy the weather. The children have also been busy making snowflake prints, “snowball” rolling art, and snowmen art projects. They were amazed as we made “insta-snow”! Playing with it in our sensory table was a favorite activity!

We have been studying measurement using standard and non- standard ways of measuring. During our discussion of winter we have been graphing the daily weather. The children are excited to check the thermometer reading when we bring it in from outdoors. The excitement builds as we watch the thermometer rise to room temperature. We have also been using Unifix cubes to measure an expanding polymer snowman that we are growing in water. They have really enjoyed predicting how big he will when we measure him next.

If you have not already done so you may want to check your child’s extra clothing box. Some students still have summer clothes or clothes that they have outgrown. Feel free to check your supplies and change them as needed.

News About Miss Kim!
Miss Kim had her baby! Abigail Rose, 7lbs. 9oz, was born on January 27 at 7:54 PM. Both Mom and baby are doing fine. She was very sorry she did not get to say good-bye to the children and parents. She assures me that she will bring Abby in to visit when the weather is better!