Parent/Teacher Conference sign ups are posted outside of the classroom door. Please sign up to talk with me, view your child’s ongoing portfolio, and take home your child’s second quarter report card. Conferences are listed for January 31st and February 1st. Kindergarten classes will not be in session on these two days, and will resume on February 2nd.

Please also note our upcoming field trip to the Avon School of Music this Wednesday. This is an afternoon trip. If you are planning on driving, you must sign up outside of the classroom door.

Writer’s Workshop: Our nonfiction writing unit has continued with an amazing topic of animal research. The children have been actively engaged in researching a rainforest animal of their choice. The best part about their research was getting to see their animal up close at the zoo. Each student completed an observation sheet while at the zoo, with a drawing and an interesting fact they learned. We will continue to do research this week, while the children learn to answer their questions during research and investigation through books and online. Next, they will be working on typing up the final version of our nonfiction animal reports to publish at our writer’s celebration. In the final version, the students will also add a table of contents.

Learning Centers: In the construction learning center, the children have been building remarkable creations. After adding some new road pieces and plant blocks to the center, the children created an entire city complete with a rainforest section. The children do such an amazing job of creating structures and respecting each other’s buildings. In science this week, we took small pills to watch them dissolve in water into a rainforest animal. During art, we created colorful rainforest snakes with fruit loops and pipe cleaners. We added them onto our rainforest mural.

Look for the special homework assignment this week in your child’s homework folder! Have a great week!