Now that the cold weather and snow is here, children need to bring in their labeled snow clothes (hats, mitten/gloves, boots, and snow pants) every day. We will go outside each day as long as the temperature and wind chill is 20 degrees by 11 o’clock. A very important preschool skill is independent dressing so please practice with your child putting on their boots and snow pants. An easy way to help your child put on their coat independently is by laying the coat on the floor with the hood by his or her feet. The child slides his or her arms in the armholes and flips the coat over their head. Don’t forget to practice zipping up!

Small Group:
We have begun small group time recently and it is working out great! The children are broken up into groups of 6-7 children and work on a specific activity with one of the teachers. Currently, we are practicing getting into the routine of small group and our activities are very short focusing on attending to a specific task, working in a cooperative group, and letter recognition. During the next few months, our small groups will focus on skills that are individualized to each child. We will be working on important preschool social skills such as turn taking, rule following, cooperative play and following directions. We will also focus on academic skills such as pre-reading skills (word families, rhyming, story retelling) math concepts (numeral recognition, estimation, measuring) as well fine motor skills (cutting, proper letter formation, and representational art).

Math Concepts:
The last few weeks, we have been focusing on spatial relationships such as under, behind, above, and near. The children worked in groups to find hidden mittens in the room. They really enjoyed trying to figure out the spatial clues (It’s under something blue) and were very proud of themselves when they found the mittens. During free play, we also did a polar animal picture hunt where the children searched the room for different animals and marked them off their record sheet. The children were encouraged to give each other spatial hints and they did a great job! One of our portfolio assessments this month was recognizing shape stickers and placing them on a paper following spatial directions.

Upcoming Themes:
Polar Animals