MORNING WORK: At 8:45 A.M., our students are ready to work! The children have grown accustomed to their morning routine of washing hands, signing in, and going to table work. Recently, their table work has become much more intensive. Most mornings, the children are working on a word sort. We are just starting at the beginning of the word sort curriculum. These sorts begin by children sorting by beginning consonant sounds. Eventually, the sorts move into ending sounds, blends, word families, and vowels. These word sorts are designed to help your child further develop their phonemic awareness. Most of the time, the student will work on the same word sort for one or two weeks. Once they have mastered a word sort (being completed at least three times independently by the child) they will take that word sort home.
When the child receives a new word sort, they spend the first day just simply cutting out the pictures. This gives them much needed cutting practice and begins to familiarize them with their new pictures and sounds. When your child brings home their old word sort, save them for future use. You can combine various word sorts as homework, or even have them glue them correctly onto paper.

FIELD TRIP: This Thursday, we are traveling to BRIO. As we began our unit on Pizza Shop, the children are very eager to make their own pizza’s in a real kitchen! If you are not driving to this trip, please make sure you drop off your child’s car seat/booster seat in the wiggle room on Thursday. Make sure their name is clearly marked. We will let you know about the cost for the trip as soon as we can. At this time, please just remember to bring your permission slips forms back to school.

PIZZA SHOP! What an exciting unit to study! In this unit, we have already begun to set up our shop in the drama learning center. Having the students play such a large role in the tear down and construction of a variety of learning centers really strengthens ownership of their classroom. As part of this unit of study, we will be taking a closer look at fractions, money, and a variety of art and science experiments. I will let you know in the next newsletter all the exciting things the students have done!

Just a reminder: There is no school for kindergarten Monday, November 1. We will be having parent/teacher conferences. Please let me know soon what time of day would work best for you. I will try and accommodate as many families as possible, we will post a conference sign up list shortly.