The children have been exploring art during our study of oceans. During our Choice Time each day, the children are provided with various materials and tools to explore in the Art Center. Our ocean mural in the hallway is a wonderful example of each child’s unique techniques with the materials provided. Rather than telling them how to make a fish, we ask the children “how they” can make a fish. Given collage materials, pencils, glue, fish shapes, paint, glitter, oatmeal, and dot stickers, one child may make a fish with sequins, ribbons scraps, and tissue paper with a dot sticker for it’s eye, his friend may choose to use the dot stickers to make a spotted fish. Having the opportunity to experiment with art allows children to benefit from their natural curiosity and creativity. Our curious learners have been hard at work learning everything they can about ocean habitats and creating a mural that reflects their knowledge. The mural is beautiful, child-made, and each item added is truly unique! We hope everyone has the opportunity to see it!

As the school year comes to a close, the children will be helping us prepare the classroom by taking home special items, taking down the artwork on our very busy walls, cleaning toys and their cubbies, and planning for classroom pet care. This ritual allows the children to feel some closure by giving them plenty of time to process the changes that are ahead. We will also be talking about those children that will be moving on to kindergarten, our end-of-year picnic, summer camp, and the coming school year. All of the children are helping prepare the graduates for graduation by singing with the other preschool classes regularly. This time of year is filled with so much excitement!

We will be focusing on gardening next. The children will work to transplant our greenhouse plants to our garden plots. We will also be making markers to label each type of plant. During the week of May 17th, we will be accepting any perennials that you would be willing split from your own gardens. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!