We have so much to look forward to before the year comes to a close! A special thank you to all of our Mom’s and Grandma’s who were able to come in and share their child’s special day. It was so great to see the children so excited about showing off their classroom ☺. We hope you all enjoyed experiencing what we do here in the Young Three’s Program!

For the past two weeks we have been learning all about the Beach and Ocean. The first week, we focused mostly on what types of things the children have seen at the beach such as sand, water, under water animals, towels, chairs etc. This past week, we explored what animals are typically found in the ocean. After brainstorming a list, we discovered that starfish, stingrays, sharks, fish, dolphins, and eels were some of the animals that could be located under water. The children loved finding the animals they brainstormed in books. We created art projects that included the underwater creatures and placed the various sea creatures on our under water sea mural. Many children took spring beach vacations recently and they were interested in sharing their discoveries with the other children and discovering the relationship between our ocean studies and their experiences!

The school year may be coming to an end, but we have much to do before the end of school! Next week, we will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children will be creating their own butterflies, stringing life cycle necklaces which will help their fine motor skills, painting spring time wooden cut outs and, exploring our caterpillar dough ☺ We also will be starting to plant our marigolds and vegetable assortment outside in the garden beds depending, weather permitting, of course!

The Pembroke Kids end of the year picnic is Friday, June 4th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at Weiss Park in Avon Lake. All of our families are invited to come enjoy a special night of food, friends and fun! Make sure to pack your family a picnic dinner to enjoy ☺ Our last day of school will be Thursday June 3rd. Progress Reports will be coming home next week. Be sure to look in your child’s backpack! We are so proud of all the childrens’ accomplishments and growth this year. Thank you for all you have done to foster your child’s growth at school!