Well, we are winding down this school year with only about three weeks left! It has been such a wonderful school year, and we will have special memories of each and every one of our students! We have a few events coming up in the next few weeks to end the school year. On Thursday, June 3rd, we will have our preschool graduation for those preschooler’s moving onto kindergarten. On Friday, June 4th, we will be having our all school end of the year picnic at Weiss Park in Avon Lake from 5-7pm. This is a great time to gather your family and friends together to celebrate the end of another great school year!

We would like to thank all of the dads, moms, grandpas, and grandmas who were able to come into the classroom and celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. It was wonderful having you all there to share in this time with your child or grandchild. The children were especially excited to have you explore their classroom with them. We appreciate your involvement and your enthusiasm to help out wherever needed in the classroom this past year. Thank you!

This week, we continued our Ocean Theme, which has been a lot of fun! We passed a sea shell around our circle while we told a story about the ocean. As each child was given the shell, they had to make up and add their own detail to the story. This is an important activity because the children are practicing speaking in front of their peers, and are becoming familiar with the parts of story (beginning, middle, and end). They are also learning the importance of telling a story and being able to add details. This is always a fun activity to do as a group because every one’s ideas and details are different; this results in a very funny story!

We also passed a sea shell around and encouraged every child to describe the shell. This is an important activity because we talked about the importance of describing something by looking at its characteristics. Each child was asked to use one word to describe the shell’s physical appearance. Using descriptive words is important to practice, aside from the vocabulary building, because it will encourage them to use descriptive words in their journal entries to describe their drawings. The children did a great job with this activity, and used wonderful descriptive words to describe the shell, such as “heavy, bumpy, smooth, rough, shiny, etc.”

In the upcoming week, we will be talking about gardening, and will plant our classroom flowers and vegetables in the school garden!