We blasted off into Outer Space and had a great time learning all about the planets. You might have noticed the planets “hanging around” the classroom. It was definitely a group effort to get the planets painted and labeled. Visiting the Planetarium at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center was the perfect ending to a fun unit that everyone enjoyed.

Our Pirate theme this past week was very fun. We went on a treasure hunt after carefully following the clues, which took us all around the school to the treasure map that lead us right to the treasure! It was a yummy treat!! The children enjoyed making pirate hooks, pirate hats, and tea soaked treasure maps. We also have been working on transforming our pond mural in the hall to an ocean mural. The children helped paint ocean water, coral, and the sand for the mural. You may even notice a pirate ship sailing by!

The children were so excited to share some of their day during Donuts with Dad. It is always a special time for the children to explore the classroom with dad, make a craft, go on a scavenger hunt, and of course have a special treat! Thank you to everyone for participating. It means so much to your children.

Check you child’s book bag for a Muffins with Mom invitation. This special celebration for mom will be held on May 5th and May 6th from 11:00 til 11:45.

The children planted flowers and vegetables in our indoor classroom garden and everything has sprouted. In the next couple of weeks these young plants will be transplanted into our classroom garden near the playground. They really enjoy checking on the plants everyday to see how much they have grown. We planted Marigolds, Squash, Beans, Basil, and Swiss Chard.

Home Extension:
Play pirates at home by giving your child clues to a treasure map and finding the hidden treasure together.

Plant seeds indoors like beans and sunflowers and let your children watch them grow. Let them be in charge of spritzing them every day!