Thank you to all the Dads and special guests who were able to make it to our Donuts with Dad day. The children were so excited to paint a special frame and enjoyed going on a Pirate Picture hunt in the classroom. We also created special finger print cards for our Dads. Please remember Muffins with Mom is next week on Wednesday (May 5) and Thursday (May 6) from 11-11:45 in the morning class and 2:15-3 in the afternoon class.

We began learning about the ocean this week and the children created a list of animals that might be found in the water. After we created our list, we researched other animals that might live in the ocean such as aquatic iguanas. The children helped sound out the words focusing closely on the initial sound of each animal. We hope to be able to add more animals to the list as we continue this fun theme.

For science this week, we discussed special qualities about ocean water (waves and salt quantity). The children helped create wave bottles by measuring water and using a funnel to fill bottles ¾ of the way full. We then voted on which color to make the bottle. The children compared which color had the most and least votes and then we took turns dropping food color in the water. We then measured oil and added it to the bottle. The children used their observational skills and noticed that no matter how quickly we made the waves move, the oil and water never stayed mixed. We also created beach bottles by filling the bottles with sand and seashells.

We will continue learning about the ocean next week including an experiment with sink and float using salt water. We started making an ocean mural in the hallway this week. The children painted the beach yellow and sprinkled sand on it and used spray bottles of green and blue paint to create the water. We will be making many different ocean creatures over the next week to add to the water.